Monday, March 31, 2008

Who watches the watchers?

You can read a comment of mine on Ms McBride's blog. I'm surprised she allowed it through, as it is critical of her.

If she were a baseball player, she'd be a big star. She's batting .500 for my comments - while she let one through, she ignored the one I posted on her current top story.

The point? My comments are unmoderated. Confidence in one's position leads to that.

My comment was that while she drones on about rebuttals to rebuttals, she fails to realize many can play at that game. See the rebuttal to the rebuttal to the rebuttal at Illusory Tenant.

UPDATE: Charlie Sykes is a coward. He wrote a post Thursday on the "lead paint" case, and refused to post my comment leading his readers to this editorial from the conservative Green Bay Press Gazette. Can't stand having competing viewpoints on the right, can you, Sykes? Readers, suggestions welcome for what we should call Sykes on this blog. Since I'm the REAL Charlie Sykes.


Sam Sarver said...


As per some of my blog posts on the subject, I have nicknamed Sykes "He-Whose-Tie-is-too-Long." If you desperately need a name for him, I humbly offer that one for your consideration.

Anonymous said...


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